MARES was founded in 1981 and is a consolidated European marketing organization, offering domestic appliances and tailor-made Marketing Services and Assistance to distributors and manufacturers.

MARES can offer a wide range of free-standing and built-in domestic appliances and recently has enlarged its activity by moving forward into a new growing business: organic/food waste management.

MARES is not just offering available products, but is also a services company investing in market research, product development, tooling costs, etc.

MARES can give its customers the right products for their own market (from Europe and China), different, better and/or more competitive ranges to improve their margins and to increase their sales.

In fact MARES’s success depends on the following factors:

  • tailor-made marketing and after sales service, covering all European countries
  • serious, open and honest
  • manage all information confidentially
  • know the markets very well
  • relationship is very transparent
  • bring results up to the expectations of its clients
  • customer and market oriented