AIRA Plasma Filter

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The best air treatment system

In the kitchen you do not need a magic wand to eliminate odours and purify the air.
The magic is the exclusive plasma technology with Rondo filter.

Cooking is a great pleasure, but what about the odours and smoke produced by cooking?

Extraction cooker hood need an hole in the wall or ceiling for air outlet and a powerful motor to draw all the air out. This means high noise and high energy consumption.
You will draw out of the kitchen warm air during winter and cool air during summer, increasing the heating and air conditioning costs.




Recirculating cooker hood with active carbon filters are not very effective in reducing odours, and active carbon filters need to be replaced very often with high maintenance costs. Powerful motors compensate the poor efficiency increasing noise and energy consumption.

Now all this is over with Plasma technology!

A wide range of Plasma filters are available to meet all requirements and to offer a permanent solution for every hood from chimney versions to built-in hoods until last generations of downdraft hoods!

At present the product range consists of three different groups of plasma filter products:

Aira Rondo

Aira Plano

Aira Quadro



It comes in two different diameters (180/210 mm, for a motor connection opening of 120/150 mm), in each case with three power stages for extractor hoods with chimney dimensions of 200 x 200 mm and  250 x 250 mm.



It is also available in two versions: PLANO INDUSTRIE for standalone and vertical extractor hoods, and PLANO RETROFIT as a retrofit model for integrated extractor hoods.

  • AIRA QUADRO for combined cooker hob and fume extractor hoods, for extractor hoods that draw fumes downwards and for forced ventilation systems in suspended ceilings

Plasma filters – Advantages at a glance

Anyone deciding in favor of a plasma filter system is voting for the environment.


The filter is mounted on the air outlet aperture on the hood and it switches on and off automatically in response to the flow of air and heat from the extractor hood.


This activates the plasma filter as well as the cleaning process for used air – the pollutants are reduced to their basic constituent elements and clean air is returned to the room.


  • Three product groups AIRA RONDO, AIRA PLANO and AIRA QUADRO
    • The appropriate plasma filter for every extractor hood
    • Power ratings of 400 to 1200 cbm/h
    • We can offer customer-specific development work and bespoke versions


  • User-friendly
    • Easy and quick to install (plug and play)
    • Can be retrofitted to existing extractor hoods
    • Light weight and compact dimensions
    • Functions horizontally and vertically
  • Improvement in quality of life and residential living
    • Eliminates up to 99% of all smells
    • Elimination of viruses, pollen, bacteria and other allergenic substances including tobacco smoke
    • No release of ozone (confirmed by VDE and IUTA)


  • Energy efficiency
    • No maintenance required
    • Low energy consumption
    • Automatic engagement and disengagement by extractor hood
    • Self-cleaning system of the filter


  • Cost savings
    • No filter changes needed
    • No exhaust air system to the exterior is needed (exhaust air becomes recirculated air)
    • The filter will last as long as the service life of the extractor hood


  • Tested safety
    • VDE certificate for AIRA RONDO models (including ozone test)
    • IUTA certificate (ozone test by the Energie-u. Umweltinstitut, Duisburg)


  • Quality
    • Made in Germany
    • 5-year warranty
    • Top-quality filter material (if unrolled, the carbon particles in a filter would cover an area the size of a football field)

The Plasma filter got the following certifications:

MARES is the exclusive partner of Avitana plasma filters for industry and export