SCIUGARELLA is the most  compact domestic  drying  system that perform 7 kg. of laundry in only 60 cm.

sciugarella_abitiSCIUGARELLA is designed to dry all types of garments and bedding in their natural position with professional ironing effect!

  • Do not damage your clothes
  • It can dry any type of fabric (wool-cotton-silk-linen etc.) at the same time
  • It can be installed everywhere
  • No maintenance
  • Silent
  • Low energy consumption
  • It can work also as BATHROOM HEATER and to warm up towels and bathrobe

SCIUGARELLA is covered by the manufacturer’s licence and it is manufactured in Italy.

SCIUGARELLA is offered with 24 months warranty .

MARES is the exclusive distributor for Europe.

Please, download the presentation or contact us for any further information or offers.
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