GREENY: Waste Compactors and shredders
(paper, plastic, aluminium, glass, etc.)

Utilizzando i compattatori si riduce la filiera del riciclo.

Many advantages:

  • Immediate saving thanks to the reduction in waste volume, resulting in a direct saving on storage and transport costs.
  • Differentiation of materials collected.
  • Cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Immediate earnings, because already separated and compacted waste has market value straight away.
  • Easy to use.
  • Customer loyalty thanks to our system of fun and incentives involved in the ease of the recycling process from their point of view.
  • Additional earnings through the integration of technologies, and promotional and advertising spaces.
  • “Green” image for system users.
  • Custom design.
  • Technology, Fun and incentive-based Marketing.
  • Education in recycling and the life cycle of materials.

GREENY is not just a compactor: it is an idea!